Outcome of Consultation

29th March 2016

Friday 25th March 2016


Report on the outcome of the Consultation to increase the age range at Branton Community First School to 2 – 9 years and so making Breamish Valley Nursery the maintained nursery of Branton First School.

Responses received











From the responses received, 100% agreed to Breamish Valley Nursery becoming the maintained nursery for Branton Community First School.


Comments were made in support of this change –

  • “It will be positive for both the nursery and the school to operate as a single facility in every way.”
  • “Excellent idea”

In the response from the Director of Education on behalf of the Local Authority he states –

  • “……in relation to the details around the roll-out of the 30 hour offer pilot scheme in which Northumberland is taking part …….. Branton is not necessarily guaranteed to be part of this pilot.”
  • “….., I note that within your proposal you state that the Governing Body does not intend to change any of the current provision or to change staffing or buildings.  Therefore, this proposal will have no impact on the planned increase in the school roll within the existing accommodation as agreed as part of the transition to your school becoming a primary from September this year.


Therefore from 1st April 2016 Breamish Valley Nursery will become the maintained nursery for Branton Community First School for all funded 2, 3 and 4 year old children. 


The name, staffing and facilities will be unaffected by this change.


Breamish Valley Nursery will maintain its ‘Community Powers’ to offer sessions in addition to the current 15 hours that are funded.  This will also enable the Nursery to continue to provide the paid 2 year old sessions for those children not eligible for funding.


Thank you all for your continued support,


The Branton and Breamish Team