4th October 2013

What is about children and creepy crawlies.  They seem to love anything creepy or slimy, things that tickle.   The first creature we met was Boris the Snail. this was not your average garden snail, he was slightly bigger.  You certainly wouldn't want Fred the cockroach around.  Hercules the Scorpion was observed in his box as it might have been a bit tricky holding him.  Trevor the Frog was very clever and was able to stick to the whiteboard as he has suction pads on his feet.  Also if he touched our skin it would burn his skin.  Cecil the Snake was very friendly and quite happily and allowed the children to touch and even hold him.  Pudding the Rat was next and he really did enjoy all the attention unlike his brother Trouble who was only brought out of his box to join his brother.  Tilly the Tarantula was also left in her box while being shown to the children. Maverick the Milliepede felt very soft and his legs, all 200 of them felt very tickly.  Henry the Hermit Crab was last on the list and made a lovely mess on the table with sand.  Photographs of all the animals are in the gallery.