October 2017

Last week of the half term!
What a very busy couple of weeks we have had!  You will all know that we had a special visitor last week in school and we were very proud of our children, their behaviour and how well they spoke.  We don't yet have the outcome, that will hopefully arrive in the next couple of weeks and we will be sure to share it with you all as soon as we have it. 
I spent a very interesting day out of school looking at the Artsmark Award. This is an award schools can apply for with regard to the work they do in the area of the Arts.  We provide a rich curriculum in school offering opportunities to our children that develop their skills and understanding of the arts, which includes, art, music, dance and drama.  So much that would contribute to us applying for an Artsmark Award, so watch this space! We will share with you all the contributions we feel have helped us on our Arts journey so far, and where we hope to go in the future. 
We have sent home letters and emails to all parents with regard to our parent consultation meetings that will take place in the week following the half term break, so please let us know what day and times are most convenient for you and we will allocate appointments before the half term break.
Thank you to everyone who came and joined us for our Harvest Festival at Ingram Church on Thursday 5th October.  We have another great response to our request for items for Children North East and The People's Kitchen, so thank you all for your generosity.  A huge thank you also to Reverend Marion Penfold who always makes us feel so welcome!
We are looking forward to our sharing assembly tomorrow when we will be sharing with you all the exciting things we have been learning about this half term.  We hope you can come along and join us!  It starts at 10 am and refreshments will be available afterwards. 
A reminder that after half term we will be visiting Willowburn on a Thursday afternoon to take part in gymnastics sessions rather than swimming, for the period up to Christmas.  After Christmas to February half term we will again be trampolining, which I know our children loved last year. Sam Dronsfield will be coaching our children for both gymnastics and trampolining at Willowburn. 
I know our PTA are looking forward to their Halloween Disco that will take part on Tuesday 31st October from 3.30pm to 5pm at Ingram Hall.  Everyone is welcome!  Please contact The Friends of Branton and Breamish if you need any more information.   I have forwarded around safety information to all families in school with regard to keeping your children safe at Halloween, and we will be focusing on staying safe on Bonfire Night after the half term break. 
We have film club this Thursday evening, which will be 'Norm of the North' with a collection time of 4.45pm, and the school will close on Friday at the usual time of 3.15pm for half term, a well deserved break for everyone after a really busy half term!
Zoe Ryan