Our school Curriculum up to July 2021

Our School Curriculum- Whole School

In September 2014 a New National Curriculum came into being.  More information and the statutory information can be found at

At Branton Primary School and Breamish Valley Nursery we carried out a consultation process with our children, their parents and our local community with the aim of devising a curriculum that not only follows the New National Curriculum but also meets the needs of our children and our local community.  From this process we initially devised a two year cycle that we have now adapted to become a three year cycle of topics that will enable us to deliver our curriculum in a creative and stimulating way for all of the Primary year groups.

 Our Three year cycle is as follows -

Year 1 of cycle (2014 - 15, 2017 - 18)

Autumn Term - Who are we?  

Community  (1st half)  -  including a local area study, Britain in the stone age and iron age, Animals including humans

Singing heritage (local and world) (2nd half) - including comparison of local area to another non -European country, Animals including humans

Spring Term - Where are we?

Transport (1st half) - including the first aeroplane flights and the invention of the steam train, Robert Louis Stephenson, Materials, rocks, matter

Forest School/Outdoor learning  (2nd half) - including maps and compass work,  UK geography, materials, rocks, matter

Summer Term - Amazing Animals!

Mini Beasts (1st half) - including Romans, living things and habitats

Animals (2nd half) - including Vikings, living things and habitats

Year 2 of cycle (2015-16, 2018-19)

Autumn Term - Out of this world!

Fantasy (1st half) - including myths and legends, Ancient Greece, seasonal changes

Planets, stars, space (2nd half) - including Neil Armstrong and the advent of space travel, Seasonal Changes

Spring term - Where in the world?

World Countries/ Cultures  (1st half) -  including location (Geog), world countries and capitals etc, forces and magnets

World Countries Cultures (2nd half) -  including oceans and continents - physical Geography, climate zones, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, electricity

Summer Term - Beautiful Branton!

Ancestry, local area history (1st half)  - including Anglo Saxons/Scots
use of basic geographical vocabulary (physical), types of settlement, fieldwork, plants

Farming (2nd half) - including money and enterprise, use of basic geographical vocabulary (human), types of settlement, fieldwork, plants

Year 3 of cycle (2016-17, 2019-20) - 

Autumn Term 2016 - Branton Through History

(1st Half) Local area study, World War 1, Plants and growing

(2nd Half) 

Spring Term 2017 - Where do we come from?

(1st half) Ancient Egypt, Materials, Evolution and inheritance

(2nd half)  Mayan Civilisation, Animals including humans

 Summer Term 2017 - Branton Time Travel!

(1st half) Victorians, First Railways. British Empire, World maps, Electricity 

(2nd half) Time Zones, Greenwich Meridian, Light


Further detail about the different curriculum subjects can be found in our school brochure which is available to download from this website in the section 'School Prospectus'.


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