Read Write Inc.
At Branton and Breamish we follow the synthetic Phonics Programme Read Write Inc.. 
Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy.  There is further information at the link below to help parents support their child's learning.
Children learn the phonemes (sounds) in groups, that they then use to 'Fred Talk' or blend the phonemes into words.  Once the children have completed a group of phonemes they will take part in a Word Time activity, using the phonemes they have learned to make words. This scheme supports the children in developing early reading and writing skills.  As each single letter phoneme is introduced there is also a saying that goes along with the phoneme to help your child remember how to form that letter in their writing, for example 
'a' for apple is a bouncy sound, that is written by using the formation 'around the apple and down the leaf'. The letter being formed around a picture of an apple. 
Please contact us at any time if you are unsure as to how best support your child. 
Read Write Inc.  Literacy and Language
Once our children have completed the Read Write Inc programme, typically at around Year 2, they will begin to follow the Read Write Inc Literacy and Language scheme, which is followed for part of each term in Year Two and Key Stage Two. 
Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language for Years 2 to 6 develops children’s comprehension, writing and spoken language. Literacy and Language -
  • Uses a unique layered approach to build children's comprehension and writing.
  • Teaches grammar in context, with a comprehensive grammar bank to build your knowledge.
  • Engages children and develops their vocabulary using drama and discussion.