Summer 2017

Week 6 - final week and lots of sorting and preparation!
It has been a very busy summer break this year with all the works taking place in school.  Our treatment works is now fully installed and as of today it is fully functioning.  All internal works are complete and our cloakroom area and conservatory is freshly decorated and looking splendid!
Staff have been in school doing an almighty sort out!  We have all been very busy sorting and organising and we are now putting everything in its place ready for next Wednesday when our children return to school. 
We love the new door through to the conservatory, and we hope it will make a real difference to our older children limiting interruptions when our youngest children need to access the cloakroom area! 
We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school next Wednesday!
30th August 2017
Week 2 of the summer break!
Works have continued over the last week and we can see real progress being made.
The new door is on for the new doorway into the conservatory, and it will enable us to close the lower part of the door but see the activity in the cloakroom/toilet area. 
Mrs Bone now also has an outdoor tap, so she is very pleased!
The new treatment works is progressing well.  The old septic tank has been removed via many large skips, and the bank is now being reconstituted using the earth that was dug out to sink the large tank for the works.  All that should be visible above ground once the works are complete is the green lid and a cabinet that will contain the controls.  A much more attractive proposition than the original septic tank! 
I've added a couple of photos of the huge machinery that is working on the field as I know the children will love to see those! 
1st August 2017
Week 1 - A busy time at Branton!
Many people believe that teachers have long summer holidays, however at Branton and many other schools around the country teachers will be busy planning and preparing for the new school year. 
Miss Plunkett, Miss Birdsall and Mrs Bone have been having a huge clear out this first week as we are having a move around of some of our storage space.  We are working towards having a dedicated space for the many pairs of wellies we have in school, so watch this space!
On our school field the works have begun to replace our old septic tank with a new treatment works, so it is a hive of activity!  
In school the works have begun to open up a doorway from the conservatory area in class 1 through to the cloakroom, which will mean that our older children will have fewer disruptions while working in our central area. 
We will keep you updated during the summer as to how everything is progressing! 
26th July 2017