Owl Class
In owl class we have our youngest children in nursery and reception. The school day is often quite tiring for them so we do not give regular homework tasks.  The activities ask you to do are -
1) Read with your child regularly, a little bit of time every evening (or morning!) really makes a huge difference while your child is developing their early reading skills. We ask you to record what you do with your child in their reading record book if you can, or just date and sign to say that you have shared a book with them.
2) RWI sheets - Reception children will bring home sheets with the new phonemes (sounds) that they are learning to share with you and to practice their letter formation. 
3) Wordtime sheets - once your child has learnt a set of phonemes (sounds) we will send home activities to help them practice segmenting, which is to say each phoneme one by one, and then blending, where they blend the phonemes into words.  Please ask if you are unsure in any way.  We call this Fred talk!
4) Spellings - once your child is recognizing the first set of phonemes from Read Write Inc, they will begin to bring home a set of four or five spellings each week.  They will be words that they can 'Fred Talk'. 
5) Learning Logs - every now and then we will ask your child to complete a Learning Log.  It is completely up to your child how they wish to show their learning on a topic.  They can draw, write, take photos, make collages ... whatever they choose to show what they have learnt about the topic.  More information about Learning Logs can be found at 
Heron Class
Our older children are in Heron Class and we will send homework home on a regular basis. These will include -
1) Reading - please read regularly with your child to ensure they are reading accurately and with understanding. When you read with your child can you please date their reading record and sign, and even better make a comment? If your child has finished the book they are reading they are welcome to change their book, they do not need to wait until they next read with an adult in school!
2) Spellings - we do use a spelling app to send spellings home for children, however if this is either not accessible for your child, or they prefer to have them written down we will send home a paper copy.  Spellings are usually given on a weekly basis and are appropriate to your child's stage of learning. 
3) Times Tables - we will send home tables for your child to learn.  The New Curriculum target is for your child to know all their tables to 12 x 12 by the time they are in Year 4.
4) Learning Logs - as with class 1, your child will bring a Learning Log home every two or three weeks.  This is for your child to complete their own learning about a subject, and it is up to them how they decide to show what they have learnt.  More information about Learning Logs can be found at 
5) Active Learn Games - your child will have a login for Active Learn, where they will find lots of fun maths activities and games that will reinforce and consolidate their learning. We ask that children log on to Active Learn each week to check for their new allocations.  They will have login information in their Home School Books. 
Active Learn

6)  School360 - all our children also have access to School360, a safe and secure learning platform where there are games and activities that they can complete. As they move through school there may be times when homework is given to them on School360.  Again children will have login information in their Home School Books.