Leave of absence in term time

Leave of absence (LOA) in term time
The application process for a parent/carer to request leave of absence: 
● A parent/carer requesting leave of absence during term time should make the application in writing at least two weeks in advance of the leave and this should also be in accordance with the individual school policy if appropriate.
● School may invite the parent/carer into school to discuss the reasons for the application and the impact the absence may have on the child’s education.
● The school will reply to all applications received (at short notice this may be verbal) and when replying they should ensure that the correct name of the parent(s)/carer(s) and the correct contact address is on that correspondence. All correspondence to parents/carers will be sent by post (1st class).
● All replies should be signed and dated by the Headteacher/acting Head.
● If the LOA is not authorised, then the reason for not authorising the request must be clearly stated and should explain why there are no exceptional circumstances. 
● Parents/carers should be advised of the possible consequences of disregarding the refusal to grant absence such as a request to the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).
● If a period of LOA is authorised, the length of authorised absence must be clearly stated in the reply including the date the child is expected to return to school including possible consequences if the child fails to return on that date.
Reviewed January 2023
Request for Leave of Absence in term time
At Branton we appreciate that we are situated within a rural community where family holidays are difficult to take at some times of the year. However, while we fully understand and appreciate the difficulties faced by families, we do need to follow both Local Authority and Government Guidance on attendance and leave of absence. 
As a general rule, term-time holidays will not be authorised, as the importance of children attending school is widely documented, as is the resulting impact that term-time absences can have on their achievement.  This applies to children from the term in which they turn 5, so when they are officially of school age. 
Parents may also need to apply for leave of absence for reasons other than taking a family holiday.  Each application for leave of absence will be looked at on a case by case basis, and findings will be given in the response letter.  In such cases, leave may be authorised on the grounds of exceptional circumstances
Please call in and have a conversation with us if you are unsure.  The Leave of Absence form is available below or on paper from the school office and should be completed and returned to school at least 2 weeks before the dates in question.
Please note : Whenever possible, we purposefully position training days attached to the half-term breaks to facilitate families wishing to go away over those holidays.   
Reviewed January 2023