School lunch Menus

Every day our children/pupils are also given a salad bowl with a mix of fresh salad items (carrot, cucumber, pepper tomato etc. ) and fresh bread alongside their main meal.
For sweet they are offered a range of healthy options that may include -
  • Fresh Fruit - apples, pears, oranges, banana, melon, grapes etc.
  • Yoghurt
  • Fromage Frias
We are a Healthy School and offer low fat, low sugar options alongside a balanced main meal each day. 
Fresh water is available to everyone all day everyday. 
We offer a vegetarian option each day for children eating a vegetarian diet at home and school. 
Please speak to us about any further/additional dietary requirements (e.g. Food Allergies) 
Thank you
Meet our lunchtime team! 
  • Mrs Sandra Dodds

    Catering Assistant

  • Mr Peter Taylor

    Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant