School Life

Mrs Ryan is Headteacher and Early Years co-ordinator, she teaches Class One Monday to Thursday mornings and Class Two on Friday mornings, Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Ryan is also available for our Parent and Toddler session on a Thursday morning. 

Miss Plunkett is our Class Two teacher and KS1 and 2 coordinator.  She usually teaches Class Two Monday to Thursday mornings and Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Class One on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons when she teaches our youngest children Spanish!

Mrs Ryan and Miss Plunkett work together to share expertise and meet the needs of all our children, which is why you might find Miss Plunkett in Class One or Mrs Ryan in Class Two! Our children also might work with either teacher or in either classroom, depending on the topic or subject being taught. 

Mrs Lillie and Mrs Bone provide classroom support across the whole school, supporting all our pupils in different areas of their learning. Mrs Bone is also our Lunchtime Supervisor. Miss Plunkett and Mrs Lillie accompany our children when they go swimming on a Wednesday afternoon at Willowburn pool. On a Thursday afternoon our children are coached by specialists in football, rugby or tennis.

We have two specialist teachers who visit us during the week, Miss Jill Thomson teaches Dance and Drama to both classes on Friday mornings and will sometimes cover for Mrs Ryan and Miss Plaunkett.  Mrs Kate Thompson teaches Class One 'Yoga Stories' on a Tuesday morning. 

Mrs McCann is at the hub of all we do.  You will find her in the office in the mornings, so if you need to contact school, mornings are the best time!  

Mrs Wyld provides our delicious school lunches, look out for opportunities to join us and try one of our lovely meals. 

Mr Davison is our cleaner in charge and can be seen around school in the mornings and in the evenings. 

We enjoy taking part in a variety of activities and often have specialists from outside school to work alongside us. We also work closely with Wooler First School and Glendale Middle School and the Cheviot Early Years Hub.