The Branton Mile

The Branton Daily Mile
At Branton we all enjoy being outside and as there is the Daily Mile initiative we are very happy to join in! 
We have an amazing school field, so we thought we may as well use that to complete our daily mile.  Those of you who are familiar with our grounds will appreciate that the field is on two levels, so there is a little bit of uphill walking too! 
Each lap of our school field as approximately 1/8th of a mile, and so 8 laps will see us all walking the mile, however you don't have to walk a mile to take part.  It will take about 15 minutes of activity, walking jogging, running however you feel comfortable! 
We plan to put marker posts in to help us all keep going, and to help us all be active and work toward and even exceed the mile! 
Adults are very welcome to join us for our daily mile walk! 
Just so that you know ...   1609.34 metres = 1 mile!