Welcome to Branton Forest School!

At Branton and Breamish we have a dedicated Forest/Wildlife area that we regularly use as part of our learning, from our very youngest to our oldest pupils.  The photos to the left were taken in this area during the winter letting you see a little of the area we use, and we will add more as we go through each season.
At Branton and Breamish we fully embrace the Forest School ethos, taking every opportunity to learn in our fabulous outdoor areas. You will find us out side in all weathers, we wrap up warmly and head off to explore and learn! 

During Forest School children will:

* Learn respect for the environment;

* Learn outdoors and have the opportunity to explore and team-build;

* Enhance, develop and enrich their emotional intelligence;

* Raise their self-esteem and build their confidence in a positive outdoor environment;

* Improve their health and life skills, and their holistic development;

* Learn new and stimulating life skills and experiences.