Uniform is not compulsory, however we do encourage our children to wear it. 

Our school uniform items (*available from school) 

  • *Dark jade sweatshirt 
  • *Jade/navy hoodie   
  • *Dark jade cardigan
  • *Bottle green and gold Forest School Hoodie
  • *Sky blue or navy blue polo shirt 
  • Pale blue summer dress (Between Easter and October half term, not available from school))
  • Dark trousers, shorts, skirt, or pinafore
  • Dark socks or tights or white socks with skirts and dresses
  • Black/dark shoes or sandals in summer                    


All children

  • Wellies to keep in school
  • Hat and gloves (scarves are not worn in Forest School for safety reasons)
  • Waterproof trousers if possible
  • Dark outdoor waterproof coat so we can be outside as much as possible and not worry about getting muddy!
  • Spare clothes



  • *Navy shorts  
  • *Jade t-shirt(*with or without school logo),
  • Trainers, *hoodie/*sweatshirt or fleece as most of our PE is outdoors.
  • Navy Joggers (not leggings) for traveling to and from Willowburn and to sporting events. (Not available from school)
  • *School hoodie (or jumper) for traveling to and from Willowburn and to sporting events.
  • Hat and gloves for football and rugby

In the winter we prefer children to wear joggers when outside for football or rugby.

Other items available

  • *Cap (Sky blue)
  • *Beany (Sky or navy blue)
  • *Book bag (Jade) - highly recommended!
  • *PE bag (Jade)

Hoodies are available in adult sizes if any adults are interested!


All items are available to buy in the shop on School Money, or email admin@branton.northumberland.sch.uk for more information. 

Polo shirts, cardigans, crew-necked sweatshirts and hoodies available in sizes 3-4 (not hoodies), 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13 years.