Uniform is not compulsory, however we do encourage our children to wear it. As a school with a strong focus on being outside, our priority is more for children to be warm, dry and comfortable!



We do not promote any one supplier and parents are welcome to purchase items without logos from wherever they can, however items with the school logo are available from school and indicated by an * if you wish to buy them.


Second Hand Uniform

We sometimes have second hand uniform available in school. Please just ask if you are interested.  We will offer any items to parents as they become available, free of charge. 

As we are a small 'family' in school and nursery, our families do tend to pass on outgrown items as well, so as you get to know people you may be offered some! 



We are working towards being a sustainable school and so the material items are made from are important to us.  If you are able to source items that are made of natural materials, these will naturally degrade over time. However the man made fibres such as polyester and nylon will eventually end up in landfill.  So please, if you are able to, consider how sustainable the items you buy are and we will endeavour to look for more sustainable items to supply. 

Our school uniform items

  • *Dark jade sweatshirt 
  • *Jade/navy hoodie   
  • *Dark jade cardigan
  • *Bottle green and gold Forest School Hoodie
  • *Sky blue or navy blue polo shirt 
  • Pale blue summer dress (Between Easter and October half term, not available from school)
  • Dark trousers, shorts, skirt, or pinafore
  • Dark socks or tights or white socks with skirts and dresses
  • Black/dark shoes or sandals in summer                    


All children

  • Wellies to keep in school
  • Hat and gloves (scarves are not worn in Forest School for safety reasons)
  • Waterproof trousers or all in one suits if possible
  • Dark outdoor waterproof coat so we can be outside as much as possible and not worry about getting muddy!
  • Spare clothes



  • *Navy shorts  
  • *Jade t-shirt
  • Trainers, *hoodie/*sweatshirt or fleece as most of our PE is outdoors.
  • Navy Joggers (not leggings) for traveling to and from Willowburn and to sporting events. (Not available from school)
  • *School hoodie (or jumper) for traveling to and from Willowburn and to sporting events.
  • Hat and gloves for football and rugby

In the winter we prefer children to wear joggers when outside for football or rugby.

Other items

  • *Cap (Sky blue)
  • *Beany (Sky or navy blue)
  • *Book bag (Jade)
  • *PE bag (Jade)

Hoodies are available in adult sizes if any adults are interested!


All items * are available to buy in the shop on School Money, or email admin@branton.northumberland.sch.uk for more information. 

Polo shirts, cardigans, crew-necked sweatshirts and hoodies available in sizes 3-4 (not hoodies), 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13 years. 


Hair and jewellery! 

We ask that all children with long hair, have their hair tied back out of their eyes for school.  This is so they can make the most of the learning taking place! 

There are also certain activities where it is essential for safety that long hair is tied back, and it would help us if the children are able to do this themselves.  Activities include Science Investigations, Design and Technology (cooking such as Crafty Cookies) and PE (especially swimming)

When swimming at Willowburn, children with long hair will also need to wear a swimming cap. 

Please keep all items of jewellery safe at home.  So easily lost with great upset caused.