Branton Community Primary  School and 
Breamish Valley Community Nursery
Governing Body February 2023




Committee membership

Voting rights

Period of office

Parent Governor

Mrs Sarah Parsons

Co Chair of Governors
Health and Safety Governor
All Yes

Co-opted member

Mr Daniel Leng






Co-opted member 

Mrs Fiona Strachan

Co Chair of Governors
Safeguarding Governor





Co-opted member

Rev. Tracey Malthouse

Vice Chair of Governors





Co-opted member

Mr Ryan Jobson

   All  Yes  25.01.2023  24.1.2027
Local Authority Appointed
Mrs Janice Woods
SEND Governor All Yes 27.09.2016 26.09.2024

Parent Governor

Mrs Abi Wilson






Staff representatives

Mrs Zoë Ryan







Miss Rachel Plunkett

Online Safety Governor

Curriculum and Standards





Mrs Jan Johnston

Associate Governor





Committee meetings
Please Note : As a very small school and Governing Body, all Governors are invited to attend all committee meetings.  The chair and vice chair, whoever is able to attend will chair the committee. 
Governor Information
Definition of pecuniary interest as stated in the Local Government Act of 1993 - A pecuniary interest in a matter is one where there is a reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial loss or gain to the person, or to other persons as defined by section 443 of the Act.
Appointed by
Business or pecuniary interests
Governance roles in other educational institutions                                                     
Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives)
Sarah Parsons Parents None None None
Mrs Fiona Strachan Governing Body None None None
Daniel Leng Governing Body None None None
Abi Wilson Parents None None None
Janice Johnston Governing Body None None None
Rev Tracey Malthouse Governing Body None None None
Ryan Jobson Governing Body CEO of Trident Soccer  None Trident Soccer coach the pupils each autumn term for Football. 
Janice Woods Local Authority None None None
Rachel Plunkett School staff None None Employed by school
Zoe Ryan Headteacher None None Employed by school
Attendance at full Governing Body meetings 
(previous years' attendance can be found in the minutes of each meeting)
Spring Term Meeting 2022
Summer Term Meeting 2022
Face to face
Autumn Term Meeting 2022
Spring Term Meeting  2023 
Fiona Strachan Yes No Yes Yes 
Daniel Leng Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Jan Johnston Yes Yes Yes No 
Rev Tracey Malthouse N/A N/A N/A  Yes
Ryan Jobson N/A N/A N/A  No
Abi Wilson No Yes No Yes 
Sarah Parsons Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Janice Woods No No Yes  No
Rachel Plunkett Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Zoe Ryan Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Governing Body Meetings 2022-23
Autumn Term -13th October 2022 5.00 pm
Spring Term - 16th February 2023 at 5.00 pm
Summer Term - 8th June 2023 at 5.00 pm
Minutes of Governing Body Meetings
These are only available once they have been agreed by the Governing Body as a true record of the meeting at the following Governors meeting. 
Meet our Governors!
  • Rev Tracey Malthouse

    Vice Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

  • Mr Ryan Jobson

    Co-opted Governor

Thank you!

On 30th September 2014 the Governing Body of Branton First School said goodbye to two longstanding Governors, Mrs Katie Carr-Ellison and Mr Derek Roughton. A huge thank you to them both for their support and enthusiasm over the years.

Mrs Sybil Telford, parent and grandparent of pupils in our school now and in the past, stepped down from her role as Co-opted Governor in April 2016.  We thank her for her past and present support of our school and also her fantastic baking can't go unmentioned!

Mr Stuart Nelson has also been a long standing member of the governing body as a parent and co-opted member, and great supporter of Branton. He stepped down in May 2016 having stepped in to cover for another Governor for a period of time.  Mr David Wilson a long term supporter of our school stepped down from out Governing body in June 2016. 

Mrs Laura Capper, our longstanding Chair of Governors stepped down as Chair and as a Governor on 27th September 2016.  We all say a huge thank you to Mrs Capper for her continued and tenacious support over many, many years! 

Mrs Helen Cowens stepped down from her role as Parent Governor in June 2017 and we thank Helen for her support and commitment during her period of office. 

Mrs Lynne Romartinez stepped down from her role as Co Chair and governor in June 2018.  We say a huge Thank You to Lynne for her time and commitment to our school. 

Miss Gillian Hogg stepped down from her role as Co Chair in June 2018 and Governor from August 2018.  A huge Thank you to Gillian for all she has done in support of our school and the school team. 

Mr Ross Wilson stepped down from his role as Parent Governor at the end of August 2018.  We thank Ross and his extended family for their support for our school over many, many years. 

Mr Tom Oates stepped down form his role as co-opted governor in October 2018.  We thank Tom for all his expertise and support for our school. 

Mr Tim Rogerson stepped down from his role as Parent Governor in November 2019.  We thank Tim for his support of our school and his work on our school and school grounds over the last few years. 

Mr Gary Schofield stepped down from his role as co-opted Governor in March 2020.  We thank Gary for his support and expertise for our school during his tenure. 

Cllr Wendy Pattison stepped down from her role as co-opted Governor in June 2020.  We thank Wendy for her support, knowledge, and experience.  Wendy worked tirelessly in support of our school and brought about may beneficial changes during her tenure. She continues to offer support in her role as County Councillor. 

Mrs Joyce Jenkins stepped down form her role as Co-opted Governor on 29th September 2021.  Joyce has been an invaluable member of our Governing Body over the last four years and did have the role of Chair for one year.  Mrs Jenkins brought experience and knowledge of education to the role and she will be well missed.  Good luck for the future Joyce! 

Mr Kevin Thompson stepped down from his role as Coopted Governor on 13th October 2022.  We thank Kevin for his support and knowledge during his term of office as Governor at Branton. 

    Past members of our Governing Body
   Period of office
From To
Mrs Katie Carr-Ellison               Sept 2014
Mr Derek Roughton   Sept 2014
Mr Stuart Nelson   July 2015
Mrs Sybil Telford   April 2016
Mr David Wilson   June 2016
Mrs Laura Capper Dec 1999 Sept 2016
Mrs Helen Cowens Nov  2013 June 2017
Mrs Lynne Romartinez May 2016 June 2018
Miss Gillian Hogg  May 2016 Aug 2018
Mr Ross Wilson July 2017 Aug 2018
Mr Tom Oates Oct 2015 Oct 2018
Mr Tim Rogerson July 2018 Nov 2019
Mr Gary Schofield  Nov 2018 Mar 2020
Cllr Wendy Pattison  Jan 2018 June 2020
Mrs Joyce Jenkins  Sept 2017 Sept 2021
Mr Kevin Thompson 2020 Oct 2022