Our Garden Grand Opening!

30th September 2022
Garden Grand Opening! 
On Friday 30th September we were thrilled to hold the Grand Opening of our new (and developing!) school Community Garden. 
The story of our garden starts back in November last year when I am sure you all remember the awful storms that we had. 
Our garden at the front of school was mostly grass, and during the storm, a structure from a neigbouring property was blown into our garden (we also had significant damage at the rear of school too, but that is a whole other story!).  It meant that our grass was littered with debris, so glass, shards of plastic, nails etc.  and although we tried we could not guarantee that the grass was safe for our children to use. 
For many years we have talked about making our front garden into a sensory garden for our children.  As we have such an amazing community we also wanted to share it with them.  
So when the damage happened, and we had to do something to make our garden safe again, we made the decision to finally do what we had planned for so long. 
Due to all the damage locally it was really difficult to find someone who was able to work with us.  Thankfully, via word of mouth, and a plea on our Facebook page we found Michael Allen, who lives quite locally and was able to work with us over a period of time to remove the contaminated grass and then begin to build our new garden from scratch. 
If you look through the pictures you can get an idea of how our garden has developed during the year. And remember the exceptionally hot weather we had this summer, so the additional effort to keep our new grass alive, very much a community effort! 
On Friday 30th September after our Macmillan Coffee morning we had lots of members of our community, parents, grandparents and children open our garden and begin to plant.  People brought a wide variety of plants, bulbs and seeds, so we look forward to the spring when everything starts to grow! 
The garden is a work in progress, so keep watching and we will share photos as it develops.  
Families and members of the community have also made donations towards the lovely benches that will sit in the middle of our garden under the pergola, so people will be able to visit our garden, sit and relax and take it all in. 
We will have some lovely plaques around our garden with the names and messages from our families past, present and future and also members of the community who would like to be remembered in our garden.  
Do come and visit our garden, bring a plant if you would like to and watch it grow.