Our Nativity!

14th December 2022
Our Nativity! 
We had planned to have our Nativity at Eglingham Church today, but unfortunately the weather was not going to allow us to get there!  The road between Powburn and Eglingham was impassable in the mini buses despite David and Diane Malthouse trying their very best to get us there! 
Instead we came back to school, got warmed up and waited to see if anyone was able to join us back at school. 
There was some real problems with the weather and transport and our brave parents tried to get through to Eglingham.  Thank you to the real community spirit that prevailed and as people helped others out.  We had more than one family going off the road due to the appalling road conditions, and thankfully all got back to school safely.  The road between Powburn is a school transport route, so in theory, should have been gritted and safe to travel on, but unfortunately not! 
We eventually did our Nativity play in Robin/Heron Class, it was a bit of a squash and a little late, but we managed, and I think it was enjoyed by our lovely audience who had striven and beaten the elements to get to us! 
Thank you to everyone who helped this happen.  Another day to remember at Branton!
We will make it to Eglingham soon Reverend Tracey!  We promise!