90th Anniversary Tea Dance 10.7.15

10th July 2015
90th Anniversary Tea Dance
We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Ingram Hall celebrating the 90th anniversary of the opening of the current school building.  
There has been a school in Branton since the 1800's, it was originally a school run in and by the church and serving the local rural community.  The new church was built in 1871, and the school was then held in that building. 
On 24th August 1925 the current school building was opened on land leased from the church, land that was leased only to be used for educational purposes. 
On Friday 10th July 2015 we invited our local community to join us in celebrating by holding a 1920s style tea dance. Our children dressed in 1920s style dress (and some of the adults too!). They learnt some steps from the Lindy Hop, a Charleston type dance popular in the 1920s. Once the children danced the steps they knew, they were eager to get Mums and Dads dancing too!
We had a lovely afternoon with our wonderful community, Branton really is a community school!