Harvest Festival

5th October 2018
Harvest Festival 5th October 2018
A huge 'Thank you' to everyone who joined us for our Harvest Festival at Ingram Church with Reverend Marion. 
Our oldest children narrated the story of Jean Paul who was travelling in the south of France over 100 years ago.  He met a shepherd called Elzayard who was planting acorns in a deserted landscape, bare of trees and not able to sustain a population.  
Jean Paul returned 10 years later to see the difference that one man had made, planting trees and revitalizing the area to the extent that people resettled there and the landscape benefited in so many ways from the effect of the new woodland. In the 10 years that lasped, Jean Paul had been away fighting in the First World War.
This story is from The Woodland Trust, who are giving away trees to schools and community groups to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the end of the First World war in 1918.  At Branton we plan to work with our community to plant some of these trees in commemoration of those people who lives and died  through the First World War. 
We have left the lovely images that accompany the story in Ingram Church to share with our community. 
Thank you to everyone who donated to our lovely Harvest table in aid of Children North East.