Roots and Shoots

27th June 2013

Since March this year we have been involved in a project at Alnwick Gardens called Roots and Shoots. The aim of the project is to teach the children where their food comes from and all about healthy eating. So as well as working in the plot planting and looking after their vegetables they have had lessons on healthy eating and how to take care of themselves.

The gardeners at Alnwick Gardens have helped the children planting seeds and then looking after the plants outside in the plot. How to distinguish between plants and weeds. Why it is important to remove the weeds.

there is a scarecrow called Brenda Branton who is watching overthe plot to keep the birds off our vegetables.

On our last visit we dug up the potatoes that were then cooked and we ate them with butter, they were gorgeous. The children could taste the difference between those and new potatoes bought from the shop. I think they definitely preferred the ones they hasd grown.

Our next visit is in September for the grand harvest.There are lots of photos in the Gallery.